docDIT is the best app for over 80% of your health concerns!

Chat with 5+Years experienced MD & MBBS certified doctors, Nutritionists, Sexual health advisor, Clinical Psychologist etc.

Read health tips and remedies recommended by specialist doctors from top cities

Order medicines to be delivered at home

Our consultation fess are much more reasonable than clinic rates. You can save up to 70% by consulting top doctors through docDIT. Adding the savings of NOT travelling in traffic and waiting for appointments,

It's really easy! All you have to do is fill in the quick form that comes up on clicking “Talk to Doctor on the home screen. The Auto Assistant will guide you through the chat after that. At any point of time, you can always contact our support team through live chat.

Any medical question that you need to ask with a doctor who specializes in that area. Our doctors help with pregnancies, fevers, colds, sexual issues, weight and a whole lot more. Please visit our “What we treat” section for more details. We do not answer general questions that are not directly related to your health (eg, How to make green tea? What is the best sexual position? What is a good career choice?)

Yes. We have a team of carefully selected and personally verified MD & MBBS doctors from across India. Each doctor has received extensive training to consult you over the app. Once a doctor is allocated to you, his/her profile can be viewed by tapping on their profile picture. Your medical information will remain completely private.

We need your mobile number, email to ensure that you can be immediately informed when your doctor responds or when your medicines ship or to schedule your tests. We need your personal details such as - age, gender, height, weight etc. purely for medical usage by the doctor, so as to prescribe the most appropriate medicines and tests. We will never share your information with anyone else.

No. This is app is for primary care- the kind of problems that your family doctor can help you with. Doctors on this app can only help you with consultation based issues that can be shared in the form of messages, pictures and medical reports. In case of a life- threatening emergency, please call an ambulance or head to a good hospital.

Our doctors are available 24/7. Only our specialty doctors are subjected to availability during late hours (11PM to 6:00AM). However, all times you can contact our support team under support chat section if you need further assistance.

One consultation lasts for 3 days, after which the consultation will automatically be closed. However, if you have any followup questions regarding your consultation, you may proceed by clicking on followup inside respective chat. Your old conversation with the doctor will NOT be lost.

Please mail us at support@docdit.com

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